Thick Film Resistors

Precision Thick Film Axial Lead Resistors

HA SERIESThis series was designed for more precise applications where higher stability, tighter tolerances, and lower temperature coefficients are required. With value ranges from 10 K Ohms to 100 Meg Ohms and wattage ranges of 1/4 watt thru 5 watts, the HA series will satisfy most of your thick film resistor needs.

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High Voltage Thick Film Axial Lead Resistors

HV SERIESThis series was designed for use where higher voltages, wattages, and power densities are needed. The resistance range has been extended to 50,000 Meg Ohms while still providing excellent environmental performance specifications.

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Precision High Voltage Plate Resistors & Dividers

FV & DVN SERIESThis series of precision plate resistors and dividers are available in a broad range of resistance values, voltages, tolerances, and divider matching requirements. One of the primary characteristics is the extreme stability of resistance from the application of high voltages over extended periods of time. These design of the FV and DVN Series also results in very low voltage coefficients of resistance over the entire voltage range.

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High Value Non-Inductive Thick Film Resistors

FA SERIESThis series was designed to meet the growing need for higher resistance values in a wide variety of plate package sizes. The FA Series has not only accomplished this, but also delivers true non-inductive performance in values up to 4 Tera Ohms. Screen printing techniques and thick film materials allow Tera Ohm resistors to be manufactured with much lower tolerances and temperature coefficients than other processes allow.

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High Power Non-Inductive Resistors

HP SERIES: This series is a high power non-inductive resistor with value ranges from 50 K Ohms to 10,000 Meg Ohms. It is available to 12.5 watts and 6,000 VDC where temperatures can reach 275°C. The HP Series can be used in higher frequency applications.  Power conditioning is also available.

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